Beyonce has spent the last few months repeatedly disrespecting our country ever since her race-baiting, anti-police performance at the Super Bowl last February.

Now, her anti-American attitude has come back to bite her in a big way. She now tried to win back the conservative audience but she had little success!

She already talked too much against our new president Donald Trump and the past comes back to haunt her.

When the Grammy nominations came out on Tuesday, it was revealed that Beyonce’s song “Daddy Lessons” had been rejected by the Recording Academy’s country music committee.

Though Beyonce received nine other Grammy nominations this week, the country music committee clearly wasn’t about to let her get another one.

A person close to the Grammy nomination process explained that Beyoncé submitted “Daddy Lessons,” from her album Lemonade, to the country category.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the source said the country committee specifically rejected the song.

Daddy Lessons” was Beyonce’s attempt to go back to her Texas, southern roots, as it incorporated horns, acoustic guitar and hand claps as Beyoncé sings about lessons she learned from her father and former manager. The lyrics even include references to the Second Amendment and the Bible.

Beyonce was clearly hoping to pander to the Grammy’s country music committee when she performed the song with the Dixie Chicks at the Country Music Awards last month.Nice try, Beyonce, but the country music world isn’t about to buy into your nonsense! SHARE this story if you think Beyonce deserved to be SNUBBED!

Donald Trump already attacked Beyonce last month:

“Nobody goes to her rallies. So she got Jay Z and Beyoncé, and the language they used was so bad,” Trump said on Monday in Florida, echoing statements he made over the weekend. The GOP presidential nominee then questioned whether Jay Z and Beyoncé were “talking or singing” their lyrics.

Trump: “Clinton got Jay Z and Beyoncé, the language they use is so bad. As they were singing – was it singing or talking – everybody left.”

Nice try, Beyonce, but the country music world isn’t about to buy into your nonsense!


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