German protestants make Angela Merkel burst in to TEARS

Traitor! Traitor! Traitor! That’s exactly what protesters were shouting outside of a conference on this year’s German Unity Day ceremony.

From Conservative World Daily:

Numerous protesters gathered in Dresden City Centre this past October, yelling disrespects and whistling at German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and other political leaders as they entered the building.

The anti-migrant protesters were in the same place, all in support of the PEGIDA movement. PEGIDA, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West, is a bunch of people that is actually established in Dresden in 2014 to stand up to the threat of Islamic extremism in European states.

It is not the first time Angela Merkel has been slammed for her policies. The legacy has been under attack for her judgment to welcome over 890,000 refugees, the most of whom are Muslims, into Germany.

Masses screamed for Merkel’s resignation and yelled, ‘Traitor!’.

Protection has been raised for German leaders because of violent occurrences, prevented bomb threats, and also police cars being set on fire, in what German authorizations named ‘xenophobic’ attacks.

Defenders of PEGIDA have been implicated of xenophobia by numerous critics. But they are dealing with the consequences of Merkel’s immigration policy– migrants are sexually abusing women, taking control of public areas, and developing ‘male-only’ businesses throughout Germany and France.

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