Leo DiCaprio Just Did Something Revolting To Ivanka, Will You Boycott His Next Movie For It?

Liberals can’t seem to wrap their head around the fact that anti-establishment, people-powered outsider Donald Trump won the Presidency, and is about to take Washington by storm. They refuse to get behind anyone like Trump who won’t abide by the establishment’s rules.movie-1

Worse yet are disgustingly rich Hollywood liberals who pretend to be on the side of poor and working class Americans, but who hide in their coastal enclaves in their bubbles of privilege. One such hypocritical fraud is actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who recently did a truly sickening act to future First Daughter Ivanka Trump to get his liberal ideology across.

Leonardo clearly will not get an audience with a no-nonsense President like Donald Trump, so he attempted to do something sneaky and use his friendship with Trump’s daughter Ivanka to foist his man-made climate change agenda onto the Trump administration.

Source:  usasnich.com

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