Megyn Kelly Gets Hit With Brutal Reality After Leaving Fox News

Megyn Kelly shocked the nation this week when she announced she would be leaving Fox News for NBC News. Kelly has been campaigning to enter the mainstream world for more than a year now and was clearly pleased with her decision. Now, it looks like she might have made the biggest mistake of her life.


According to People Magazine, Kelly might not be able to start at NBC News for a full year due to a six month non-compete contract she signed with fox News. Essentially, the contract states that after she leaves Fox in July, she is not allowed to work for anyone else unless Fox gives her permission.

“Nobody knows when Megyn starts,” the insider told People. “She is still under contract at Fox until July, then she has a six-month non-compete. Fox might let her out of the non-compete, but they might now. There is so much that has to still be arranged. It’s definitely not like she’s starting on the Today show Monday morning!”

This comes shortly after reports that Kelly is slated to take Savannah Guthrie’s job as host of the Today show.

“There is a rumor on set that Megyn would eventually get the lead anchor role on Today, pushing Savannah out,” one NBC insider told the New York Post.

If Fox refuses to let Kelly out of her contract, all of that could be on the line.

source : americannews

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